My Work

Sebastiaan has over 10 years experience in creative technology, design, and Innovation and brought to life a wide spectrum of projects for leading brands including Burberry, RioTinto, John Lewis, Waitrose, Ford, Philips, BASF, Disney, and Emerson - ranging from conceptual work over new product development to global roll-outs. In the past years, more than 3/4 of Sebastiaan's work has been awarded for pushing the boundaries and being at the forefront of innovation in the industry.



The John Lewis Smart Home is an immersive in-store experience to demystify smart home products and increased sales on those products by 290%.



The interactive nail bar was initial designed for a new beauty store concept at Burberry in 2015. It enables the customer to compare different nail polishes without booking an appointment and applying them on the nails. The product was so successful that it has now been rolled out globally and can be found in all 400+ stores.



Aerolert alerts users if their risk of infection through infectious aerosols, such as COVID-19, exceeds acceptable levels and helps business owners optimize their property utilization.



SEALEAF is a modular hydroponic floating agricultural system for urban coastal environments that challenges land-use systems and a culture of global food importation by returning food production to the center of its consumption.


Nutri is a kitchen system that calculates and allows us to visualize the nutritional values in home-made meals. The system is designed around a docking station, connected to the cloud and a series of interconnected kitchen appliances, which provides information about the type and amount of ingredients used.


Endura is a high-performance prosthetic socket developed together with paralympic athletes to increase performance and training conditions. The socket features innovation on multiple layers to allow muscle extension during intensive training periods.


Made in Dongdaemun: The Designers Kitchen is a concept designed to reduce the fake fashion-industry and revitalize the Dongdaemun fashion market in Seoul by 2025. It aims to provide an interactive platform for a growing pool of locally educated fashion designers while showcasing talent to a global audience.