Endura is a high-performance prosthetic socket developed together with paralympic athletes to increase performance and training conditions. The socket features innovation on multiple layers to allow muscle extension during intensive training periods.

Particularly in competitive sports, the muscles are subject to heavy strain. This strain becomes a problem with conventional prostheses because sweat accumulates, and muscles swell, leading to severe pain and performance decrease. Paralympic athletes must take breaks every 30-45min due to this circumstance, making efficient training impossible.


Together with RioTinto and the Paralympic Team Great Britain, we have focused on three characteristics: Weight reduction, better removal of sweat, and consistent pressure of the prosthesis during intensive training.


The basic structure of the socket takes a new approach.


Bone Algorithm Technology

A bone algorithm is rendered onto the stump's 3D scan, creating the most robust design and removing unnecessary material, creating an open structure for maximum support, ventilation, and minimum weight.


Micro Climate Control

An integrated liner for optimum temperature control, drawing excess moisture away from the skin through 3-dimensional mesh fabric. Keeping the stump dry and preventing sores and inflammation.


Adjustable Support

Critical adjustability on the run for maximum comfort is provided through a ratchet tightening mechanism to fine-tune and adjust the socket pressure at any time. Athletes can train longer and accommodate muscle swellings without compromises.