Made in Dongdaemun: The Designers Kitchen is a concept designed to reduce the fake fashion-industry and revitalize the Dongdaemun fashion market in Seoul by 2025. It aims to provide an interactive platform for a growing pool of locally educated fashion designers while showcasing talent to a global audience.

The lack of opportunities to gain attention in the Seoul fashion market drives many young designers into counterfeit products and has made Dongedaemun a hotspot of product piracy. The market's location and infrastructure offer perfect conditions for innovative concepts to help designers create a name for themselves outside of counterfeit products.


Showcasing Korean talent through real-time design and manufacturing skills in Pali-Pali style. Creating a unique social connection for the locals and foreigners at the Dongdaemun market. 

The pop-up store is a collapsible structure, mimicking traditional Korean roof architecture. The store has been designed to balance storage, workspace, and customer interaction to optimize the customer experience and allowing the fashion designer to create bespoke and locally made clothing on the spot using rapid manufacturing processes and technologies.