The interactive nail bar was initial designed for a new beauty store concept at Burberry in 2015. It enables the customer to compare different nail polishes without booking an appointment and applying them on the nails. The product was so successful that it has now been rolled out globally and can be found in all 400+ stores.

The customer can choose from up to five different nail polish colors simultaneously and display them side by side on a color calibration screen. Particularly with color shades that seem very similar, the customer can make a better choice faster without booking an appointment with a consultant and applying the nail polish.

Very early in the project and with the first prototypes, it showed that the pure interaction with the physical products drives customers to make a quick purchase decision. In 90% of the cases, it generates three times the revenue per customer than the traditional method.

The role of brick and mortar has changed and is still evolving rapidly. I have tried to use the physical products' uniqueness playfully to help the customer make a better buying decision and create a unique reason for visiting a physical store.

Creative Technologist

As part of the innovation department, it has been my task to find new possibilities and concepts within the company strategy.


In this context, I presented the first concept and prototype to the Chief Creative Officer and received approval for a high-fidelity prototype and in-store testing. From then on, I was responsible for developing the hard- and software, overall customer experience, technical reliability, and interaction between the involved departments and partners. As a team, we managed to deliver the product in-store 3-months later.

Sebastiaan Wolzak

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