The John Lewis Smart Home is an immersive in-store experience to demystify smart home products and increased sales on those products by 290%.


Customers struggle to identify unmet needs by the fast possibilities individual smart home products offer. Not to mention the complexity and vast options when connecting multiple products from different manufactures. Most customers are looking to be inspired and do not shop feature-based when it comes to smart home products. Fear of technical challenges and lack of creativity lead customers to decide against smart home products or use only a fraction of their functionality.

In collaboration with different departments at JohnLewis, we developed a new shop floor concept on 1000sq ft. Customers should feel like they are walking through a friend's apartment, putting smart home products into a real-life context. 

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A specially developed IoT platform on a RasberryBi allowed all products to interact with the environment. In addition to the platform, digital windows, including content, have been designed. It enabled us to develop immersive scenes and inspire customers by putting smart home products in different contexts.

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